Saturday, March 28, 2009


Two weekends down! Hurrah!

Really good show tonight. I feel like I'm getting the hang of the whole run-the-light-board-thing, Tammy the Tape Deck has been performing like a champ the last couple nights, and the cast is doing their thing super-awesome.

I was going to say more, but I'm not, because I'm tired.

Two more shows coming up though. So much to think about! Ahhh!


Friday, March 6, 2009

John Lennon's Gargoyle

Things are rocking and rolling (as we speak, even) for our next production: John Lennon's Gargoyle, by Olympia area playwright Bryan Willis. Bryan was our playwriting professor at Western Washington University, and something of a mentor to us all. I'm excited to have this opportunity to work on one of his plays.

We're about two weeks from opening, and the show is 97% blocked. I just finished a rough cut of the press release, we're working on building the set, and team make fake plants is in high production mode. Things are going well.

Funny story: Last night we were rehearsing the fight scene bit from the middle of scene eight. We were meeting at cast member Jen's house because I had trouble finding an actual rehearsal space, and we worked on the scene for some time, ran it several times in row. It went well. It's a great fight bit... a little too real maybe, although Matt likes that. We had just finished up, the yelling and thumping and screaming and falling was over; I was putting chairs back where we found them, when suddenly there's a knock at the door.

Jen walks over, opens it and says, "I thought it might be you. Come on in," and in walks two police officers, hands on guns, looking wary.

Our fighting was loud enough and realistic enough (apparently) to have someone in the building call the cops! We invited them (and the concerned neighbors) to come see the show.

rock and roll!