Thursday, July 8, 2010

the wtc is seeking artists for late night summer cabaret!

The Working Theatre Collective wants you! You with the weird talents or secret stand up routines, or sweet dance numbers, or other fun stuff. Yes you! Possibly. We're putting out a call for five to ten minute acts for our upcoming late night cabaret series You'll love it.

Currently, our first event of the summer is occurring Friday July 30th-hopefully it will be summer by then-at 10 pm at our amazing venue, eff space (333 ne Hancock). We are attempting to program the event with 5-15 minute slots showcasing a variety of artistic talents. This is an opportunity for you (and others) to show off, to present new works, to extemporize joyfully, or to simply entertain and/or enlighten in the medium of your choice.

We are attempting to create a fun and fulfilling environment in which Portland area performing artists, whether spoken word, theatre, music, dance, juggling, or whatever, can showcase the work that they are, well, working on. It's going to be awesome. Seriously.

If you think that you might be interested, or know someone else that might be interested, let us know! Send us a line back ( stating the medium in which you would be interested in performing, and we'll start getting this ball rolling.

nate harpel
the wtc