Saturday, February 14, 2009

don't pay for expensive dinner, see some (free) theatre instead's one am and we're stapling zines. well, nate and eva are, i'm writing this and soon to be looking up the best driving directions to get to/from the west side locations (fyi: no one goes to the west side. except to go to the farmer's market)

once again, we are surprisingly on top of things. you may or may not know this, but theatre happens in the final hours. no matter how big or how small the company, there is always this frantic scramble in the last minute. i have (lovely) memories of putting cushions on seats for a company in DC while the house is being held on opening night. of staying late to focus lights in san francisco. of sleeping on a couch that was part of the set in a theatre in bellingham. i love being up to my knees in theatre. and i love that it gets done because it has too.

i'm excited for tomorrow. i'm quite pleased with the show and terrified of the tour. i take great solace in the fact that everyone i tell about this thinks that it is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

and now to bike and pretend to sleep.


p.s. if you are attending one of our performances at a cafe/bar/coffee shop/donut eaterie please support the venue and buy something. they're letting us do this for free. (and we can only drink so many cups of coffee. just how many? we are going to find out).
p.p.s. we were a pick of the week in the willamette weekly.

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