Wednesday, August 5, 2009

currently invading the light booth of the tacoma little theatre

tacoma is lovely. promise.

there is something about air tinged with salt water that makes one nostalgic and hopeful.

it is also delightful being here with nate, who called tacoma home once upon a time. there's something wonderful about exploring a place with someone who is beyond excited to show it to you. the secret smile they walk around with, living in their memory while telling you about this and that. what this used to be. how this block once was. oh, and that was where...

things for the festival are going well. i think. we just teched john lennon's gargoyle and finished lighting notes. so i think that we're done for the night and are headed to the parkway (one of nate's favorite bars ever).

they have boundary bay on tap.

to nostalgia!
to salt water!

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