Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hey we're doing something for fertile grounds, too!

workshop reading of _____not_____
a new collaboration by eva suter and nate harpel.

tuesday, january 26th 8pm
eff space
333 ne hancock st
portland, or

In this world (and probably the next) things
are not always as they seem. No matter
who we think we are, we may/definitely
appear different to the rest of the world.
What is love within one may simply be
affection within another, what is a means of
transportation to someone may be a traffic
obstacle to somebody else. What is good
may be awesome or awful or just odd.
Who can say?

When dropped into the heart of this
confusing world, how do we identify who
we are, what we do, what we like? What
if, like a blindfold pulled from our eyes, we
were forced to self-sort without the aid of
practice? What would happen then?

come, listen, give us your feed back, help us make a kick ass show.

ALSO: note that the reading will take place JANUARY 26th at 8pm, not on the 22nd, like it says on the fertile grounds web page.

$5-10 dollars at the door

...or on line, but that just sends us a bunch of confusing emails with all of the tickets you've purchased for fertile grounds. so pay cash at the door. it's easier.

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