Thursday, January 15, 2009

26 ways i love you (the history/the plan)

26 ways i love you came out of a 48 at the idiom in bellingham, washington. nate wrote it in the horseshoe cafe with sophia and i, drinking coffee and trading stories-some of which made it into the play. we then grabbed a couple hours' of sleep and put this play up about 10 hours later. i love 48s...

i adore this play. and i adored the original production of's going to be interesting to direct it again, with different folks. and with rehearsals. i think that will be the greatest challenge of this production for me; more so than the number of places we are going to be doing it or the time span of the day (14 hours of theatre!! starting at 8am?!?).

sometimes i'm afraid that if i don't have an idea/answer for everything then there won't be ideas/answers. then i remember that i don't need to have all the answers/ideas-that's where actors, designers, and other collaborators come in.
if i had all of the answers/ideas then it wouldn't be any fun for anyone, myself included. that's not why i want to make theatre.
i'm really excited about the folks that i've cast in the show, and i know that once we have our first read, a lot of my tension will go away (as it usually does).

and here's what we're doing with it this time:

on valentine's day we are going to perform this 30 minute play in 14 different locations all around portland. we're going to start in the SW and end up in the SE (probably with a performance at theatre fucking HUGE; followed by dance party). we'll be performing in cafes, bars, street corners (if it's not super gross out), where ever will have us. i am really, really excited for this. though i'm pretty sure that there is part of me that does not concieve of what a ridiculous undertaking this is.

noah is making a web page that will be up soon and it's going to contain a map with all of the points of performance on it. i'm sure that they will be posted here as well.

and now to write the press release (ugh)

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