Saturday, January 24, 2009

364 construction paper hearts

or 'aggressively adorable'

i am really, really excited for 26 ways i love you.

it kinda makes me giddy when i think about the scope of what we are trying to do. i mean, 14 (half) hours of theatre! in one day! starting at 8am!

the reading went well (as nate mentioned). one of the actors had a 'holy shit-i'm doing guerrilla theatre...what did i agree to do?' moment, but a few minutes later was offering suggestions of places to check out for possible SW/NW venues (the SE/NE is pretty much scheduled). it seems like a good crew and i think that we're gonna have a great time.

there was also a lot of brainstorming about the fun questions that a production of this nature brings up. questions like: how do you start theatre when you're not in a theatre? or not even in something that you've turned into a theatre? what-there's no music at the end? how will people know it's over? how do you 'capture' an audience that may not have realized that they were about to be an audience?

in terms of venues, things are going along pretty well. people that i've talked to are pretty taken with the idea-half the time all i have to say is 'i run a small theatre company and we were wondering if you'd be interested in having us do a performance here on valentine's day..." and they cut me off with a 'yes'. as i mentioned, we've got the SE/NE pretty much covered...but apparently no one goes to the SW, so we're having a bit of trouble thinking of venues there (aside from the 8am kick off at coffee plant-you're gonna be there right?). there are a couple of venues that i'm really excited about, but i'll keep that to myself for a bit.

there will be fliers up soon. as well as the website-which will have a map of the locations on it.

like i said, really excited.


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Alice said...

Fuck. I'm so damn jealous.