Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock and Roll Thursday

Big day for WTC today. We're getting the webpage up really soon, still just squabbling on what the page name will be:,, or My vote is on #2, but I am willing to take #3 if people want the page name slightly shorter. Ideally we would just do, but weirdly enough it is already taken. I don't get that.

Also, we spoke to Shaking The Tree, the studio on Stark, today about using their space for a variety of occasions, including as the performance space for John Lennon's Gargoyle, which is quickly approaching. It's a bit more of an investment than I think we planned on making, but at this point establishing the relationship with Samantha there and her facility is more important than saving money. We do have a donation from Northwest Playwrights Alliance that can handle the majority of the capital for renting the space, so I think we'll do all right.

It's a beautiful studio space, a bit goofy in terms of how it's laid out, but not in a bad way. I'm not exactly sure in what manner we are going to stage Mr. Wiliss's play, but we have a whole host of options at this point, which is lovely.

Then I had an early stage design meeting with my Costume Designer for JGL, Lilli, which went very well. We discussed the charm and difficulties of the bi-layers of reality within the script, and how best to follow through on that aspect of the design. She had a couple lovely ideas even at this early stage, so I'm excited about digging into this aspect of the production. Also, Lilli expressed interest in designing/helping with set stuff, which is fantastic, because it means paying one less person, AND working with an artist that I think has a well-developed sense of the pomo theatricality that this piece necessitates. I have a feeling that design for JGL is going to be an exciting adventure. All we need is a claw foot bathtub, and we can get rolling. Anyone?

Then, the initial reading of 26 Ways, which I'll let Ashley talk about at some point. IT went really well. I think we have a enormous, fantastic machine that we're building, and once it gets rolling, it's going to be out-of-control. Out-of-control in a really good way, I mean.

So, rock and roll. A couple beers with Eva and Ashley at Dot's and now off to bed with me with a glass of port, so I can wake up bright and early to take the train to a funeral. Lovely.


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whitker said...

Y'all rock. Or write/direct/act, which ever you prefer.

nate said...

Thanks, Whit. "Rock" is fine. And you were our first comment... which rocks too.

whitker said...

You should add (under settings/layout/gadgets) a follower button to make it easier for your followers to keep tabs on the productions.