Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, we had auditions today for Gargoyle and 26 Ways, and they went very well. It's so very gratifying to actually have people come out, especially people who are very talented and/or fun to watch. I haven't sat through an entire audition since college, so it was fun to revisit that experience.

We have callbacks tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that Noah is contacting people (more or less) as we speak. type. Whatever. I'm pretty good at running this round of auditions, but will probably leave callbacks to Noah and Ashley. That's more their thing. I guess.

Looking forward to getting the ball rolling on these two pieces. As I reread Gargoyle, I'm finding myself struck just how challenging this piece is to put up. As soon as I have a cast together I'm going to start getting the creative team organized, so that we can handle the particular difficulties this show requires.

rock and roll.

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